Another Day in the Suburbs

aanother_dayweb_530_323_90In the mid-1980s I began a deliberate process of documenting life in Johannesburg under a state of emergency. Interviews and photographs tracked the the militarisation of the suburbs and moments in political life of the right and the left. The project was conceived of as a book, and to this end I interviewed dozens of ordinary people from all walks of life. The book remains unpublished but the photographs were exhibited in the South African National Gallery in 1992 along with the portfolio's of five other photographers.

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Selected photographs


Police display, Rand Easter Show, 1988
Police display, Rand Easter Show, 1988

Police display, Rand Easter Show, 1988
Graffiti, Wits University lavatory, 1987
Army display, Rand Easter Show, 1987
Army intake, Sturrock Park,1987
Mighty Man, Rand Easter Show, 1987
Shooting Range, Edenvale, 1987
First Aid class run by Civil Defence, Braamfontein, 1987
Emigrating dog, 1987
A schoolgirl on patrol duty, Linbro Park, 1987
Bomb Drill, Rembrandt Park Primary School, 1988
Dog training, 1987
Townhouse garden, Rivonia,1987
Residents campaign for desegregation of the swimming pool,Yeoville, 1990
Right Wing demonstration,1989
Johannesburg street, February 2,1990

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