Technical writing

A wide range of writing and editing on HIV and health since 2003 includes articles, reports and papers for international NGOs, the World Health Organisation, DFIDUK, UNAIDS and other agencies and organizations.

Some examples:

Reports and papers

hunterweb•Beyond 2015-health system strengthening and sustainable development. World Health Organizaton, 2012.  (Research, writing for discussion paper).

Scaling up research and learning for health systems. Now is the time. Report of High Level Taskforce. World Health Organisation, 2009. (Writer/editor, 2008)

• Rapporteur for Global Coalition on Women and AIDS, Conveners Meeting, Geneva, May 2008.

• Rapporteur for first meeting of 2031 Programmatic Response Cluster, Geneva, May 2008.

• Rapporteur for Global Coalition on Women and AIDS, Expert Panel, Geneva, April, 2008

• Contributions to UNAIDS Global Report 2008, World Disasters Report 2008 (IFRC).

• Task shifting. Researcher/writer for World Health Organisation (WHO/HIV), concept papers, journal articles, 2006-2007.

• Treat, Train, Retain – AIDS and health workforce initiative. Researcher/writer for WHO/HIV. Four background papers for Consultation in Geneva, May 2006. Rapporteur for Consultation.

• 2004 Report on the Global AIDS epidemic. UNAIDS, Geneva, July 2004) – Contributing researcher/writer, sections on prevention, vulnerable groups, orphans, emergencies, gender and youth.

• HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria: The status and impact of the three diseases (researcher/writer, with Hein Marais) The Global Fund, Geneva March 2005.

• Universal Access to AIDS programmes by 2010. DFID UK discussion document, 2005 (8pp)

• PEPFAR/DFID, rapid desk review. Background note, December 2006 (17pp)

• Impact of US Policy on HIV prevention. DFID internal briefing note, 2005 (20pp)


• First edit of manuscript Postcolonial geographies of AIDS in South Africa, Mark Hunter, August 2008. (Published as Love in the time of AIDS by Indiana University Press, 2010)

• Writing/editing policy documents on HIV-related stigma and discrimination for the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, Brighton, July 2007

• HIV/AIDS Training Manual, Kyrgyzstan, UNIFEM, July 2008

• Mainstreaming AIDS into Development. Editing UNAIDS technical package of papers and power point presentations, 2006

Journal articles

• Mane P, Lawson L (2007) HIV prevention, gender and sexual health, forging the links. International journal of sexual health 19 (3):47-53.

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