Living Proof

living_proof_webLiving Proof, Community Action on AIDS (2004), is a 64-page publication written by Lesley Lawson and photographed by Gideon Mendel for the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, on the occasion of the organisation's tenth anniversary.

We visited 20 projects supported by the Alliance in five countries - India, Burkina Faso, Zambia, Ukraine and Ecuador. The publication describes what we saw in these vibrant community projects, covering issues and events ranging from HIV counselling and testing to transgender and sex worker projects; from support programmes for injecting drug users to prevention programmes for young people. Each project is seen through the eyes of a participant who is living with HIV. 

In the Foreword, Executive Director Alvaro Bermejo writes:

"Many of the stories and photographs in this book are of individuals who have overcome stigma and organised themselves to reduce their vulnerability to AIDS and curb the epidemic. They are making a huge difference with very little help. They have prevented new infections; they have helped individuals, communities and families to deal with the challenges of HIV and AIDS. As importantly, they have shown us all what works in each community. They are the living proof that it can be done.

Compassion and courage are in every one of these stories. They explain why and how ordinary people can make a difference.. "


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