HIV and Health

Work on HIV and health in the past fifteen years includes writing, film and communications management.



  • Knowledge and Communications Manager, Rapid Response Health Fund (RRHF), HLSP. Full time 2008 to 2009. 
  • Knowledge and Communications Manager, Strengthening South Africa’s Response to HIV and Health (SARRAH),HLSP. Part-time January 2010-

Technical writing and editing

A wide range of work includes papers for international NGOs, the World Health Organisation, UNAIDS, DFID UK and other agencies and organizations. More...

Other writing

Side Effects, the story of AIDS in South Africa. Juta Double Storey, 2008. Side Effects asks why this country has one of the worst AIDS epidemics in the world. It finds its answers in many places - the legacy of apartheid and the struggle to overthrow it, as well as the contested politics of the Mbeki 'denialist' era..More...

Other major writing assignments include two extended essays for non-governmental (NGO) organisations:

  • Living Proof is a 64-page essay with photographs by Gideon Mendel was commissioned  to celebrate ten years of community action on AIDS by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance. More...
  • Creating Hope, the story of MTCT-Plus is a 44-page online publication, commissioned by the International Center for AIDS Care and Treatment Programs (ICAP). It is a narrative account of the world's first multicountry HIV treatment programme. More...

Film and multimedia

Mashayabhuque, AIDS hits everyone
Director, Lesley Lawson, Producers Robyn Hofmeyr, Jenny Hunter, Teaching Screens 1996 and 1998.
The film looks at HIV as a development issue. It was created in two versions, one for an NGO audience, with accompanying booklet, and one for broadcast on eTV. More...

Talking about sex, HIV and AIDS
Director Lesley Lawson, Producers Robyn Hofmeyr, Jenny Hunter, Teaching Screens, 1997.
The film was part of an educational series, with accompanying booklets, commissioned by the National Departments of Health and National Department of Education for use in South African schools.

Multimedia work has included editing text for posters and audiovisual programmes by Gideon Mendel.

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