Living on the Line

living_line_card_smallLiving on the Line was part of Channel 4's millennium season and broadcast on December 30, 1999. This film was a journey of adventure through the eight countries that share the Greenwich meridian. Presenters Jon Snow and Ekow Eshun set off from opposite sides of the globe and met in Timbuktu (not exactly on the meridian!), to swap tales about the people and places they visited along the line. People they encountered included a brewer whose Togo front door was directly on the line, a French farmer whose sheep spoke the local dialect and a Ghanian King with talking drums at his gate.

This film won the Lifestyle Award, One World Broadcasting Trust in 2000. Director John Bridcut. Associate Producer Lesley Lawson. Mentorn Barraclough Carey, 2000.





Film stills by Lesley Lawson

Jon Snow at a Durbar, Yendi, Ghana
Jon Snow at a Durbar, Yendi, Ghana

Jon Snow at a Durbar, Yendi, Ghana
Jon Snow using the satellite phone, Ghana
Women making shea nut butter, Yendi, northern Ghana
Chief arriving for the Durbar, Yendi
Dancing at the Durbar, Yendi
Dancing at the Durbar, Yendi
Market, Cinkasse, Togo
Wedding ceremony, with kneeling women, Burkina Faso
En route to Dourtenga village, Burkina Faso
Chief examines the meridian line, Dourtenga village, Burkina Faso
The crew, Sahara desert, Mali
The Kounta family tent, Mali
The slave tent, Mali
The Djinguereber Mosque, Timbuktu, Mali
Ekow Eshun, Timbuktu
Eshun meets Snow, Timbuktu
Eshun and Snow examine ancient manuscripts of Timbuktu



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