God Bless Africa

gba_card_smallGod Bless Africa was a three-part series on the history and legacy of the Christian missionaries in South Africa (56 minutes each). Seen through the eyes of contemporary church leaders, and making full use of rare footage and stills from church archives, these films tell a tale of ambivalence and ambiguity.

Part 1: Frontiers. This film describes the arrivals of the missionaries in South Africa and the widespread adoption of Christianity after the military defeat of the African chiefdoms.

Part 2: Transformations. The second film traces the contribution of Christianity to the development of an educated African elite. Christianity itself was also transformed by the values and practice of the new converts.

Part 3: Divisions. This film shows how the mainstream Christian churches responded, or in many cases failed to respond adequately, to the coming of apartheid.

Director Lesley Lawson, Producer Mark Newman. Phakathi Films. 1996


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